Spinal Disc & Ligament Repair

Injury and degeneration of our spinal ligaments and intervertebral discs is the most common cause of chronic low back pain and instability. Our Spinal Disc & Ligament Repair Therapy is based on the premise that although the spinal disc and all ligaments are essentially avascular, they have the natural ability to repair itself through cell proliferation with physical and chemical stimulation. We utilize conservative approaches to increase the tensile strength and proliferation of ligaments and fibrous connective tissues including mechanical stretching, loading, unloading, increasing cellular metabolic activity and irritation. Our evidence based interventions include non-surgical spinal decompression (intermittent traction), acupuncture, therapeutic laser, deep soft tissue mobilization, prolotherapy, nutrition, balance training, deep breathing, cardiovascular exercises and supplementation. This integrated treatment approach enables a speedier recovery of injured ligaments and fibrous connective tissues.

With increased tensile strength of the fibrous outer layer of the disc, it has greater capacity to rehydrate and absorb the nutrients it requires to regenerate.

Our supplementation is aimed at supporting the following:

  • Anti-inflammatory and Pain Relief 
  • Bone Building
  • Cardio-Vascular support
  • Cartilage cell repair
  • Neurological Support
  • Stress Reduction

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