Spine Care for Seniors

senior balancingSpinal disorders and pain is highly prevalent in seniors and is associated with higher risks for falls, functional impairment, immobility and cognitive impairments.Our Senior Spine Care Program is an extension of our clinic based Spine Care Program adapted to fit the unique needs of the senior patient.

Cases of complex spinal pain involve multiple sources of pain mechanisms including injury and dysfunction of various spinal structures (ligaments, disc, muscle, tendon, bone and joints), neurological compromise, metabolic and hormonal alterations as well as psychological involvement. We recognize that chronic diseases, including spinal (back) conditions, heart disease, depression, diabetes and asthma share common risk factors and “co-morbidities”. Modifiable health habits and risk factors such as physical inactivity, poor diet, smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, and being overweight account for a substantial proportion of all chronic diseases including painful back conditions. Rehabilitation is concentrated on balance, proprioceptive training, increasing muscle strength and coordination. Over the 6 week program some “hands on” therapies, i.e. mobilization, modalities as indicated will be performed to quicken recovery time. Overall the program supports facilitating self –management of the spinal condition and/or pain through education, reassurance and lifestyle modification. Patients will be discharged with a home rehab plan designed to be fun, interesting and progressively challenging and easily incorporated in the patient’s routine for greater adherence and effectiveness.

First, we will screen and evaluate your risk factors and design an individual plan around personal goals. Second, we provide a comprehensive exam and medical file review to ensure a proper diagnosis for your pain condition. Finally, we utilize cost-effective clinical management to implement a course of treatment based on pain reduction and functional rehabilitation.

Criteria for Inclusion:

Candidates for this program are 65 years of age or older. Our clinical team will screen the patient prior to admission to the program. Our Nurse Case Coordinator oversees treatment from admission to discharge.

Course of Treatment:

Treatment consists of 8-weeks.  The program will be provided on-site or offsite in senior homes.