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2016 Publications

Kids and Scoliosis: What Every Parent Should Know (Part 1)

Scoliosis and Kids: Developing A Scoliosis Care Plan (Part 2 of 2)

Kids and Back Pain: Tips to Prevent ‘Back to School’ Pain! (Part 1)

Kids and Back Pain: Tips to Prevent ‘Back to School’ Pain! (Part 2 of 2)

Accessing the Right “Care Team” for Chronic Back Pain SuffererNew Evidence for Back Pain Sufferers

Why Medical Physicians Refer to SPINEgroup’s Chronic Pain and Spine Programs

Decreasing Back or Spinal Pain at any Stage of Life

Why Back Pain affects everyone?

OHIP Community Physio for Seniors and Kids: A Primer for Caregivers and Parents

Functional Medicine and its Application to Musculo-skeletal Pain Management: The SPINEgroup Approach

Using Health Insurance Coverage Wisely to Support Back Pain and Musculoskeletal (MSK) Health

Why Prolonging the Treatment of Back Pain is Detrimental to your Health


2015 Publications

November 2015 Decreasing Back or Spinal Pain at any Stage of Life: From Childhood to Senior Years

October 2015 Spine Pain: Fact or Fiction

September 2015 Vertigo

August 2015 Diagnosis and Management of Back pain is Key to Recovery

July 2015 Accurate Diagnosis for Back Pain

June 2015 Diagnosis for Back Pain is Critical to Recovery

May 2015 Recurrent Back Pain-Do you need a Back Resilience Plan?

January 2015  Chronic Back Pain-Is it Robbing your Quality of Life?