Patient Intake Packages


Our Patient Intake Packages are available by clicking below.  You have the option of downloading and filling the forms manually or using the online fillable format which can be printed or **saved and emailed directly to us. Please provide as much detailed information as possible on the Patient Intake Form and bring it with you to your first appointment along with any relevant diagnostic reports. Consent Forms must also be completed and returned to the clinic with original signatures. There are separate packages for OHIP Physiotherapy patients and regular SPINEgroup patients.

Note: Please complete appropriate outcomes measures for your injury/condition. Included below are outcome measures for Back, Neck  Lower Extremity and Upper Extremity Complaints.

Intake Packages:

SPINEgroup Private Patients:

>>>SPINEgroup Intake Package

SPINEgroup OHIP Physiotherapy Patients

>>>SPINEgroup Intake Package OHIP Physiotherapy

Outcome Measures:

>>> Outcome Measure for Back Pain

>>> Outcome Measure for Neck Pain

>>> Outcome Measure for Lower Extremity Complaint

>>> Outcome Measure for Upper Extremity Complaint