Clinic Policies

Our policies are designed to promote optimal care and service for our patients.

Health Information and Record Keeping:

SPINEgroup takes responsibility for maintaining the privacy of your health information. We will generally not disclose any health information to others (except as may be required by other health professionals involved in the course of your care or as required by law) without your prior written consent. Except for patients in the Preferred Patient Plan or Corporate Advantage Plan, some medical information such as laboratory or diagnostic results will not be provided to you by telephone.

Cancellations or Missed Appointments:

SPINEgroup enforces a strict cancellation policy in order to ensure enough time is allocated for patient services each day. We require at least 48 hours (2 calendar days) notice during regular office hours for any appointment cancellation or else a nominal fee will be charged to your account for each missed appointment. This ensures that we always have adequate time for other patient bookings. Cancellations for emergency circumstances will be considered if you reschedule your appointment as soon as reasonably possible.

Refund and Exchange Policies:

Due to public health regulations there is a no return policy or exchange for any supplements, ADL and support devices or medical supplies. Pre-paid clinic services, assessments and programs are also non-refundable.

Financial Policies:

All services shall be paid for at the time such services are rendered on demand unless an alternative arrangement has been made with SPINEgroup. For Medical services: patients must provide a valid (non-expired) OHIP card at every visit. In the event of an expired card, patients will be billed directly for services. For Rehab services, we generally bill services directly to WSIB and MVA insurers. In some cases, you will need to pay some services through your extended benefits before we are able to bill directly to MVA insurers. In selected extended benefits insurance companies, we are permitted to direct bill for chiropractic and physiotherapy services only. We will confirm our ability to direct bill upon your first visit. For insurance or services we are unable to direct bill, we provide you with a receipt of payment for your submission to your insurer for reimbursement. Payment options include: Cash, Debit, Mastercard or Visa. Note that interest will be charged and calculated monthly on any overdue accounts as stated on your bill and may be referred by us to an agency for collection.