Clinical Research & Evaluation

SPINEgroup is dedicated to conducting research designed to investigate methods of early detection, diagnosis and non-surgical management of spinal disorders. Where possible, we seek to acquire research funding to supplement the cost of your healthcare. To see whether you may benefit from one of our funded research studies, please click here.


clinical researchSome of our specific research interests include:

  • Non-surgical management of herniated discs
  • Regeneration of degenerative discs
  • Manipulative techniques and rehabilitation for spinal stenosis
  • Screening and diagnostics for complex spinal disorders
  • Outcome measures for spinal conditions and chronic pain
  • Prognostic studies for complex spine conditions
  • Relationship between spinal dysfunction and cognitive/mood disorders
  • Screening, prognosis and outcome measures for pain related conditions in the senior and LTC population.


Click to view our Poster Presentation on the “Feasibility of a Rehab Model Designed to Improve Outcomes in LTC“.