Your First Visit

first visitWhether you are looking for treatment for a minor injury or you are a candidate for one of our Clinical Programs, you will be initially assessed by our clinical director and then triaged to the most appropriate team of providers to deliver your care. The initial assessment is conducted once in the course of your care. If there is  a significant change in your status or a new problem a re-assessment will be conducted.
An assessment ensures that your condition is properly diagnosed and that the most effective treatment plan is recommended.

When being assessed for the first time, our clinical director will take a comprehensive history and physical examination, including vitals, neurological and orthopaedic tests. If required, you may be referred for an X-ray, CT, MRI or blood tests for further evaluations. After evaluating your case, we will discuss your diagnosis and present a specific treatment plan with target goals for you.

If your condition is outside the scope of our clinic, you will be referred to the most appropriate provider or specialist for management or co-management.

Follow-up evaluations are performed periodically throughout your treatment plan. Our nurse manager will follow your case to ensure continuity of care between our clinical team and any co-existing healthcare providers. It is recommended that you bring any recent blood lab reports, MRI, CT and/or x-rays for review on your first visit or during the early course of your care.