The SPINEgroup Experience

what we treatOur mission is to be the recognized leader in rehabilitation services & healthcare performance management

SPINE group is dedicated to excellence in managing spine related disorders. Our head office is located in Vaughan, Ontario but expansion is coming soon.

Our goal is to achieve the best clinical outcomes. SPINEgroup® accomplishes this through our innovative “performance based approach. To achieve the best results, we ensure patients receive a proper diagnosis for their condition, are triaged to the appropriate program with a discharge plan and are case managed through out the course of their treatment.  Most importantly we measure and report on each patient’s progress throughout their treatment as well as 6 or 12 months after they are discharged and evaluate the results against expected targets.  Outcomes are reported to the patient and to their referring physician. This ensures we provide optimal quality of care.

Spine related disorders are among the most common, costly and  disabling problems in Canada. Spine related disorders are defined as the group of conditions that include back pain, neck pain, many types of headache, radiculopathy,  some causes of vertigo and other conditions directly related to the spine. Virtually 100 percent of the population are affected by this group of disoders at some point in life. Treatment for spine related disorders have become increasingly specialist focused, imaging oriented, invasive and expensive with no evidence of improved outcomes for patients.

Populations we treat:

•OHIP-insured individuals who are 65+, 19 and younger, or after recent hospitalization

•Private and self-insured individuals

•Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

•Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

•Patients of all ages (Children to the elderly)

SPINEgroup brings together a team of clinicians targeted at diagnosing and managing spine related disorders. The group encompasses skills to maximize value in the managment of spine related disorders including:

  • skills in differential diagnosis
  • skills in the management of different patient populations
  • wide range understanding of complex nature of  spinal pain with biopsychological facators
  • ability to detect and  manage psychological factors
  • appreciation in minimalism in spine care
  • an understanding of the methods, techniques and indications interventional treatments and surgical procedures
  • a unique understanding of work related spinal disorders
  • a unique understanding of motor vehicle accident related spinal disorders and injuries
  • public health perspective and comobrdity relationship with diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dementia and depression
  • the ability to coordinate the efforts of a variety of providers; case management
  • the ability to follow patients over the long term to monitor and treat re-occurence and educate patients in self management
  • the ability to performance manage and assess outcome measures
  • the clinic-wide use of EMR

Dr. Connie D’ Astolfo, DC, PhD (c), president and director, brings a wealth of expertise from the fields of rehabilitation, health services research, performance management and program evaluation.  Dr. D’ Astolfo and her team of clinicians are committed to meet  your needs.

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