Senior Rehabilitation Programs

Senior Restoration Program

Our Senior Restoration Program (“SRP”)  is a comprehensive program designed to meet the health needs of seniors suffering with back pain, physical and/or cogntive impairments. The objective of the SRP is to assist patients to achieve a higher level of function and reduce disability with a focus on chronic disease management. The SRP is designed specifically for seniors with physical and/or cognitive impairments affected by co-morbidities including depression, dementia, cardiovascular disease, obesity, musculoskeletal pain and/or diabetes and designed to address physical deconditioning often experienced with post hospitalization.

Our focus is on active rehabilitation designed to assist the patient achieve a level of health assuredness, compliance and stability to enable the patient to continue to live independently and safely at home. The SRP also includes intensive  cogntive training and may include psychotherapy.  Assessment includes clinical measures of stability (Bergs Balance Test) and Timed up and Go tests, patient report of disability, mood and cognitive testing.  Patient will be discharged with a home rehab plan designed to be fun, interesting and progressively challenging which can be easily incorporated in the patient’s routine for greater adherence and effectiveness.  The SRP is delivered over 20 weeks with a focus facilitating self-management skills.


Criteria for Inclusion:

Candidates for the SRP are 60 years of age or older and have a mild to moderate mental or physical impairment. Our clinical team will screen the patient prior to admission to the SRP. Our  Registered Nurse oversees treatment from admission to discharge and will comunicate with the patient’s family physician.

Course of Treatment:

Treatment consists of a 20-week program, based on 1 visit per week. Components of our program will be provided on-site.