Return To Work Program (WSIB Injury Recovery)

return to workThe mandate of our Return to Work Program is to assist the patient to safely return to full and gainful employment. Our goal is to maximize your success and our program has the following components:

  • Risk Profile: We will screen and evaluate employment risk factors based on the patient’s baseline health status or condition.
  • Job Site Analysis: An on-site job analysis may be performed to evaluate job tasks and to determine what accommodations, if any, are required.
  • Prevention Education: Patients and Employers are both instructed on strategies to prevent back and/or repetitive strain injuries.
  • Treatment: Inter-disciplinary functional rehabilitation is provided for the patient’s specific condition.
  • Work Transition Counselling: As the patient improves in work tolerance, a modified return to work plan is designed. Arrangements to implement the return to work plan is discussed beforehand with employer.

The program length is 12 weeks or longer as required. Upon discharge, an independent home exercise program is recommended to the patient.