Cognitive Therapy

Sensory motor (balance) training, computer assisted cognitive exercises and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) are the key elements of our cognitive rehabilitation program.  Increasing the five main cognitive skills (memory, language, concentration, executive functions & visual spatial) as well as reducing anxiety and depressive symptoms are key outcomes for this program.  (In special cases, the rehabilitation provider may utilize the assistance of a certified therapy dog with your consent).

Clinical Indications for Program:

People most appropriate for this program include  those with diagnosed with early stage neuro degenerative disorders  including early ALS, early Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cognitive disorders including  ADHD, dyslexia and dementia. Those seeking to simply enhance their cognitive skills for enhanced performance are also good candidates.

Criteria for Inclusion:

Candidates for this program must be at least 5 years of age. The clinical director will screen you to ascertain whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for this program. The clinical director will also triage you to the most appropriate clinical providers for your care. Finally, our Nurse Case Manager oversees your treatment from admission to discharge. Participants receive self management education. Objective testing is performed to measure each participant’s progress toward goals.

Course of Treatment:

The program is delivered over a 12 week program with a special focus on self management. Patients begin at a level consistent with their specific cognitive deficits.  Additional weeks may be required under this program if you are recovering from a stroke, have higher levels of dementia, or a diagnosed neuro-degenerative disease.

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