Chronic Pain Program

chronicpainOur Chronic Pain Program is both physically and cognitive-behaviorally oriented.  You will be educated about the physiology and psychology of your chronic pain disorder,  learn to accept ownership of your pain/condition, explore your resistances and maladaptive behaviors and learn how to modify your lifestyle in order to enhance your quality of life.  Our program follows the most current back pain clinical  guidelines including the  Towards Optimized Practice (TOP) Evidence-Informed Primary Care Management of Chronic Low Back Pain.

Prior to admission to our program, we will make every effort to identify the cause of your pain. If you are suffering with an acute flare up of a chronic back pain program we will refer you to our Spine Care Program and treat you with evidence-based therapies.

Criteria for Inclusion:

Candidates for this program have unresolved chronic back pain or other non-malignant sources of pain for longer than 3 months and it must be a diagnosis of exclusion. This means that candidates must have all probable diagnoses for their pain condition ruled out first and exercise all viable treatment options before a consideration of Chronic Pain as the final diagnosis. The Clinical Director and Head of Psychological services will screen you to ascertain whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for this program. Finally, our Nurse Case Manager oversees your treatment from admission to discharge.

Course of Treatment:

Treatment is delivered over a  16-week program. Patients begin at a level consistent with their treatment goals. Additional weeks may be required if you are planning to return to work (work conditioning). Therapy focuses primarily on psychotherapy (CBT), self management strategies (including dietary counselling) and active rehabilitation. Other physical therapy modalities including massage therapy, chiropractic spinal manipulation, physiotherapy may be added on a case to case basis.