Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Positive benefits of WAVE Whole Body Vibration Exercise

WAVE exercise has an advantage over conventional training due to its ability to provide a more effective exercise without the constraints associated with regular training, such as joint stress, lengthy repetitions and time. Research has shown similar strength gains to conventional resistance training at a fraction of the time. Fifteen minutes of Vibration exercise produces similar results to 1 hour in conventional training. In addition, there is less stress on the joints, ligaments and tendons with vibration training when compared to regular resistance training. , the WAVE provides an effective solution to those that may benefit from weight training, but are unable to engage in it.

The science behind Vibration exercise:

The Stretch Reflex: The movement of the vibration plate with a small amplitude of 2 to 4 mm simulates the body’s natural ‘stretch reflex’. This is similar to the knee jerk reaction that occurs when the knee is tapped by a reflex hammer in a doctor’s office. At a frequency of 20 to 50 times a second, the WAVE can produce up to 3000 contractions in 1 minute.

Greater Muscle Recruitment: An improvement in muscular strength is one of the most important benefits of the WAVE. Muscular strength increases follow a certain path:

  • Neurological adaptation.
  • Muscular adaptation and hypertrophy

Muscular adaptations occur through an increase in the cross sectional area of muscle fibers, thereby improving the contraction properties of muscle tissue leading to a maximal contraction that provides more force and power. Muscle hypertrophy usually begins after 4 to 6 weeks of training.

Vibration training on the other hand, accelerates strength through neurological adaptation. This means that strength will increase through improvements in the quality of muscle contraction. For the untrained individual, there is a definite lack of control of muscle fibers. Magnetic resonance imaging has even shown that the whole muscle is not used during a maximal contraction. With the WAVE, there is nearly 100 percent recruitment of muscle fibers, thereby allowing an accelerated improvement in initial strength.

Benefits of Therapy

Bone building

Increasing Metabolism

Muscle strength and Coordination